Hello! My name's Kevon Long and I'm a game designer currently studying at Bradley University! I have a Bachelor's degree in Game Design with Associates in Creative Writing and Games Programming. I'm currently studying to receive a Masters degree in Game Design and Development.
Ever since I was a kid, I've been playing video games nonstop, my favorites being The Legend of Zelda & Pokémon series, as well as MANY others. I knew I wanted to create video games and the worlds in them because my dream is to create a memorable impact on players of all ages. The unforgettable stories and characters I create, either by myself or with a team of other passionate and amazing people, will positively affect people for the better - making the world a better place, too! That's the dream!
I've worked on multiple games spanning many different genres, such as RPGs, strategy, mystery, platforming, and many more. I'm efficient in Unity, which allows me to take any idea and prototype it in an instant. I hope my resume and this portfolio page gives you a good idea of what I'm capable of and why I'd be a perfect fit for any team!
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